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For us, building a great company culture means to design good employee, leadership and team experiences built on trustful relationships. It’s about the way you get in connection, structure and experience work in a team. People join, stay and leave a place to work because of their experience and if they feel heard, seen, trusted and challenged. 

Employee Experience 

The employee experience is created in a number of small moments. It’s defined by the way employees experience the relationship with the formal processes with the organization. From the minute they get in touch with the organization, hiring and onboarding process, the way contracts are written and salaries are negotiated, how holidays, incentives and reimbursements are handled. It is defined by the day to day experience of work, speed and access to information, KPI’s and goal setting, the physical workspace, tools and equipment, agreements and freedom and many tools, apps, and channels of communication.

Leadership Experience

Building trust is the number one element to aim for when building strong relationships. The way we experience and understand leadership is changing. Sometimes you are leading, sometimes you are being led. What it needs from us now is to create relationships on eye level and avoid shame-based power structures, to re-define and negotiate power, to distribute decision-making, and empower each other to take ownership and lead. 

Team Experience

With a high diversity in mindsets and talents, work experiences and work setups, every team experience is different and has to be designed the moment a team comes together. The team experience is made out of clarity around your role and work, the structure and organization of work and the usage of tools in order to make work easier. The way you celebrate success and use failures as a chance to learn, the way strategy is executed, the quality and style of meetings, and a strong sense of support and belonging.

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