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The 90-min fast-track masterclass for more opinion diversity, better team culture & overall success.


 299€ / Startup

Minimum participants: 10 startups



8x more likely to achieve better outcomes


64% of employees are more excited about meetings when they are well-planned


29% increase in team collaboration


1. Exercises: Experience of meetings: What is the status quo ?


Put on the experience/culture glass. Map all meetings from last week. Pick the 3 most important. How did you feel before, during, and after. 


2. Expert Input Susann, Karim & Eva-Maria

  • Why does a great meeting culture matter? 

  • Why do DE/I matter to achieve great meetings? 

  • What are the benefits of better & inclusive meetings?

  • Intro to "Meeting Building Elements":  What does meeting design has to do with designing company culture? 


3. Redesign your meeting: Exercise

  • With the Meeting Building Elements, we do a redesign live in the masterclass of your most important and expensive meeting with the goal to make it more engaging, shorter and efficient.

Bonus Materials

  • After the masterclass you’ll receive 2 months free access to Calvah to turn your new knowledge into actions.

  • Templates & frameworks, e.g. Meeting building element template, meeting design template, and many more.

Dates & Costs

Dates: Please choose one of the remaining dates for your startups. The session will be private and blocked completely for your startups only.

  • 28.9.2022 - 5pm CET (booked out)

  • 5.10.2022 - 11am CET

  • 9.11.2022 - 12:30pm CET

Costs: 299€/startup (Minimum participants: 10 startups)

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Hello, I am Eva-Maria, the founder of and I am on a mission to make human-centered company culture based on trust a global standard for all organizations. I've graduated from Alanus University, I am trained in Design Thinking at the HPI d. school in Berlin and I'm a BDVT certified business trainer. I have lived and/or worked on 4 continents in the past 10 years and was immersed in the Berlin tech scene where I co-built a health tech company and wrote the culture DNA from scratch. I have 18 years of facilitation and teaching experience.

Eva-Maria Zoll,
Head of Meeting Belonging

Susann has been working in the online marketing industry for over 11 years. Before founding Kollektiv MFG she worked at Facebook Inc for 4 years as a Sales Partner and Product Partnerships Manager. She’s active as an advocate for women empowerment (Girls Gearing Up Mentor, ReDi School Volunteer, Power To Fly Mentor, The female factor Mentor).

Susann Fischer,
Head of Meeting Clarity

Hello, I am Karim, the other founder of and I am on mission to enable everyone to feel safe enough to unleash their full creative potential. I have lived and/or worked on 5 continents and have 15+ years experience as a founder, business designer, keynote speaker & guest lecturer on topics like "creative resilience through neuroscience" or "innovation through diversity". I am a member of global communities like the World Economic Forum Global Shapers, Sandbox, Sigma Squared Society, etc. Furthermore I am the host of the creativity podcast "What If... ?" on Apple and Spotify.

Karim Mustaghni,
Head of Meeting Creativity



"I loved the input on how to do the meetings. It was super insightful for me. I actually adapted my meeting today already with my client accordingly and applied the tools you shared and it went really well". 

Rubab Paracha, Sen. Design Consultant,

"The workshop really helped to challenge our meeting culture and also made us very aware of the existence of some hidden bias in our communication. All in all we are having more inclusive meetings now."

Maximilian Embert, Co-Founder, 

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If you are interested to book one of the 3 remaining masterclass dates for 2022 for your startups, please reach out / book it here:

For further questions, please send us an email to

Thank you! :)
Eva-Maria, Susann & Karim

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