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52 questions to end your meeting/week with

One of the best ways to create small, minimal invasive yet very powerful moments of human connections at work, are questions at the beginning of a meeting or to close a meeting.

In case you haven’t read our list of 52 questions to start a meeting with, make sure to check them out.

We have now put together a list of 52 questions you can ask at the end of a meeting or use in moments of a review or as debrief questions to close the week together as a team.

The goal of doing a closing, review, and debrief is to listen to each other, hear about each other individual experiences, learn and build trust in those moments.

A. Meeting specific questions

  • 1. What's a learning you take with you from this meeting?

  • 2. What's something you didn't like about this meeting?

  • 3. What's a new idea/thought from this meeting that you would like to continue working on/thinking about?

  • 4. How would you have made this meeting better?

  • 5. What was the most "e.g. creative/fun/crazy, etc. (choose an adjective)" moment of the meeting?

B. Team-related questions

  • 6. When did you feel appreciated this week / the last time?

  • 7. When did you feel most connected to your team/colleagues this week?

  • 8. Was there a moment where you felt left behind? If yes, when and why?

  • 9. What can we as a team learn from this week/ day/ meeting/project?

  • 10. What did you really like about this week, what do you wish for, what do you wonder about?

  • 11. What would you like to stop, start, continue as a team? Link to the exercise:

  • 12. What is still left to be said?

C. Work-related questions

  • 13. What has been something surprisingly challenging?

  • 14. Which task was way easier to do than you thought?

  • 15. What has been blocking you?

  • 16. What tools proved to be useful?

  • 17. What has been a work highlight of this week/day/session for you?

  • 18. What would you do differently if you could start again (this day, this week, your life)?

C. Growth related questions

  • 19. Why has this week/project helped you grow?

  • 20. What thoughts, beliefs, or stories am I holding onto that no longer serve me?

  • 21. What do you have to let go of?

  • 22. Is there something you learned about yourself, and you feel willing to share?

  • 23. What has been the most interesting question you got asked this week?

  • 24. What happened this week/today that you want to do again?

  • 25. What has been something new you learned this week?

D. Emotional, mindfulness questions

  • 26. Why do you want to remember this week/day?

  • 27. When did you feel most alive and comfortable?

  • 28. What are you grateful for?

  • 29. What has been something that resonated with you?

  • 30. What is one word that stuck with you?

  • 31. What came as a positive surprise for you?

  • 32. What are you proud of yourself?

  • 33. What is something you are taking away from this meeting, week, and want to reflect on more?

  • 34. What brought you happiness?

  • 35. Which message(s) put a smile on your face this week?

  • 36. What words, viewpoints, and concepts were new to you, and you would like to spend more time digging deeper?

  • 37. What felt uncomfortable with you and why?

  • 38. When did you feel in flow and at your best?

  • 39. If you could change one thing, what would it be?

  • 40. What if, you could only remember one thing about this week/meeting/project: What would you pick to remember?

  • 41. What if you could forget one thing, moment, about this week/meeting/project/day: What would you like to forget?

  • 42. Was there a moment this week/today where you felt not aligned with your values? If so, when?

  • 43. What are three things that made this week/project/day great for you?

  • 44. How happy are you with the way you spend your time?

E. Creative & inspirational questions

  • 45. If this week/day/project/meeting would be a song, which one would it be, or how would you call it?

  • 46. If you had to find a title for this week/day/project/meeting, what would it be?

  • 47. What if you had to describe this week/day/meeting in 3 words. What would they be?

  • 48. What is something you are curious about after today/this week?

  • 49. When did you feel on top of the world this week?

  • 50. Which moment would you like to relive?

  • 51. What has been the most inspiring question you got asked?

  • 52. How did the week smell?

Check out our list of 52 questions to start your meeting with here.


If you have more questions about how to facilitate successful checkouts or debriefs or the value of such moments, please reach out to or book a free 30min call directly here. We are happy to help you create great meetings and discuss questions or concerns.


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