We center our work around human needs. Our aim is to fully understand and explore the invisible needs, emotions, and experiences of people in order to solve culture challenges and create needed change.


Our consulting services are focused on your current culture challenges and are fully process-oriented. We usually start with thorough qualitative research to get a deep understanding of the challenge and decide on further activities based on our findings.


Culture starts with you. We offer you individual 1on1 as well as team coaching. Focus topics are leadership, emotional intelligence, team-bonding, communication, and creative confidence.


We offer the following trainings and masterclasses:

  1. Culture Campus

  2. Create better meetings

  3. How to have difficult conversations

  4. Use creativity to solve problems faster & easier

  5. Build team cultures based on trust, belonging & diversity

Prices depend on team size and project length. We can also develop customized trainings and programs based on your needs. Send us a message to hello@culturedesign.org, so we can start design better cultures together.