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Culture Design Masterclass participant Startup CEO Hendrik Amler

"This masterclass is a game-changer if you are seeking to craft a resilient and authentic organizational identity."

Hendrik Amler, CEO

Polycrypt, Darmstadt, Germany

Psychologist Liza Murlender Client of

"Working with Eva and Karim totally changed how we work and relate with each other at l'atelier."

Liza Murlender, Psychologist & Culture Designer, L'atelier, Buenos Aires

Culture Design Masterclass participant Kristina Breuer

“The Culture Design Masterclass showed us how important it is, especially for startups, to deal with their own culture and the way we want to collaborate in a timely manner. The mix of instructions, tasks, tips, and exchanges is perfect and makes the masterclass very lively and practical."

Kristina Breuer, Marketing & Partnerships,

Head of Product Management Hans-Jörg Roser Culture Design Masterclass participant

“The 'Culture Design Masterclass' led by the brilliant Eva-Maria and Karim was an enlightening experience that offered me profound insights into organizational culture. What stuck with me, is the differentiation between 'survival mode' and 'creative mode' within organizations. I left with a multitude of ideas on how to move beyond firefighting to create a nurturing environment where creativity and strategic thinking can thrive.”

Hans-Jörg Roser, Head of Product Management/ Organizational Coach, H+F Solutions GmbH

HR Manager Mara Graafen Culture Design Masterclass participant

“The Culture Design masterclass gave insights into the challenges of other companies and showed that we often face the same problems in developing culture in the company. Through the workshop, I was able to exchange ideas with others, think about new ways and possibilities through the presentations and activities, and get inspiration for the development of company culture”.

Mara Graafen, HR-Manager,

HR Partner Jens Amann Culture Design Masterclass participant

“I am delighted to share some insights about a two-part Culture Design & Leadership Masterclass. Eva-Maria Zoll and Karim Mustaghni gave us a wealth of insights &  impulses. Some of these insights were surprisingly simple e.g. the  importance of trust and how it is built, as well as the need to step out of the "survival mode." I understood, that clear structures and transparency are often the keys to successful leadership and culture building.

Jens Amann, HR Partner, Campus Founders

Founder, Startup CEO Jonathan Kalan

“I've had the pleasure of working with Eva-Maria during no less than three pivotal transition points in my career, both one-on-one and within complex team settings. She is a gifted coach, facilitator, and reader of relationship dynamics. Yet to use those terms doesn't quite do her work and style justice. She has an innate ability to tactfully and gently slice through the BS, and get to the heart of what's going on - whether it's a personal leadership challenge or an ongoing cultural dynamic between team members. She is intentional, organized, honest, and an absolute joy to work with.”

Jonathan Kalan, Founder, Brand Strategist

Startup CEO, Investors Philipp Mackeprang

“Our goal was to define and formalize our company values. Bringing in Eva-Maria & Karim from as external consultants in this process has turned out to be a good decision. They came in with deep curiosity and passion & customized the process to our needs at Studydrive. We felt guided and supported and are very satisfied with the result."

Philipp Mackeprang, Investor, Advisor, Founder & Former CEO Studydrive

Maddalena Benedetto D&I Manager Zalando

Karim’s ability to make DE&I & creativity subjects accessible to the audience is one of the elements I appreciated the most. For me there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing people getting enthusiastic and open to learning. - Karim stands out not only for his knowledge and experience but also because he’s able to connect with the audience and break the invisible glass that at times separates speakers and the public. He shows himself as a person with a unique personality (and humor!).

Maddalena Benedetto, D&I Manager, Zalando

Markus Lehmeier Senior Manager Business Development

“Karim can inspire as a speaker and taught us very vividly methods for the increase of creativity combined with new insights from neuroscience. He lives the topic and thrilled the audience through personal examples and stories.“

Markus Lehmeier,  Senior Manager Business Development

Founder Lecturer Pierre Escobar

“Eva-Maria helped our company in a moment when we grew quickly and did not have the tools to deal with a larger structure. She understood our needs before we even knew it and helped us survive the change. Our studio would never have been able to transition so smoothly without her help.”

Pierre Escobar, Architect, Lecturer, Founder of l’atelier-Nomadic Architecture Studio

Product Designer Joshua Keay New York, Masterclass Participant

"I experienced a whole new way of looking at the world - you'll leave the masterclass feeling better about your role and the company itself."

Joshua Keay, Product Designer

Magnetism Studios, New York



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